Pristine IML Robot and Its Unparalleled Features

Pristine IML Robot and Its Unparalleled Features

In-Mold-Labeling (IML) Robot is widely used to decorate plastic which is much in demand by plastic packaging producers. The best use of IML Robot is to generate a finished article with the help of a single-step manufactured process. To carry out such a tedious task with great precision and versatility, IML Robot is put in use. It offers a varying range of features that match industry standards.

The IML robot technology requires placing a pre-printed polypropylene(PP) label into the mold. At the same time, the raw material is injected to get a wide range of designs and graphic options. The technology offers an environment-friendly product generation package which remained absent in the traditional decoration technique. Check out various advantages provided by IML Robot technology.

Simplify Production Process

Unlike the conventional decoration technique such as digital printing, flexography, letterpress, and offset, which involves several complicated steps, IML Robot has checked upon all. The complexities of the traditional machines have been resolved in the case of the IML Robot. The simplicity of use of the IML robot makes it versatile with outstanding durability.

Reduce Cycle time For Labeling Operation

The IML robot has been structured after observing trends in the global packaging market to improve the production line of operation. It offers an integrated solution for professional project management and delivers on time.

Impeccable Features

The IML Robot has servo-controlled X and Y-axis movement. The easy-to-use interface is unparalleled in reducing magazine refill time. It has a heavy machine frame to increase the sturdiness and stability. The rack and pinion with tie rod support carriage for accurate motion transfer.

Dynamic Production

Highly configurable IML robots offer fast cycle time. The designs can be printed on cups and lids of every shape and size. The robot has been configured for dynamic insertion. First, the labels are inserted into the mold, and then the finished parts are removed and stacked.

Customization in High Flexibility

The customer’s customization can be quickly introduced into the plastic packaging process. It adds value to the customer’s expectations at every step of the robot life cycle. It meets the customers’ requirements, thus achieving the best available rate of maintenance and cost of services.

Parting Words

The IML Robot would be able to deliver the best packaging solutions that attract the eyes of the beholders. Apart from the features mentioned above, it offers the best synchronization among IMM and IML robots, thus reducing the time for labeling operations on plants. It ensures return on investment while increasing the profitability of the robot’s long life. Depending upon the requirement of the customer’s production line, the unit can be installed with a camera vision control system, a separate stacker, and a packaging unit. It offers high flexibility, increases production speed, and reduces wastage and cost while reducing production time. The features are impeccable and unparalleled so that you may desire the solutions of tomorrow as from today itself. So, vouch for this offer and scale up your packaging game to a top-notch level.

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