How do you clear the error code on a Canon Pixma printer?

How do you clear the error code on a Canon Pixma printer?

The canon printer has the problem of always showing B200 errors because of hardware failure or outdated software. The component failure is based on the usage and current overflow during the usage. The component error is also widely reported in the canon printer and other printers. You can see this error while taking the printout or switching the printer. Sometimes you may see the lights on the printer will get blinking. Canon Pixma MP250 error code B200 has some factors that eventually cause this. Let’s see some of the causes in detail

Outdated or corrupt software of the printer

The printer has software with outdated or corrupt files that will create the error of the B200 problem. The main thing is to operate the printer apart from the hardware issues. This problem arises when you don’t install the correctly updated software with drivers. The canon Pixma MP250 error code B200 will always show in the system till it gets solved from the user side.

Pinter cartridges error

The printer needs to set all its components perfectly. Otherwise, it will not give results in printing properly. The error may show if the cartridge is not fixed in the correct place, so you have to check the cartridge correctly.

Clogged nozzles

If the nozzle gets damaged during usage will have a chance to malfunction the hardware in the printer.

Solution 1

Power on the printer

The printer has a temporary glitch that may cause the B200 error as the printer is failing to communicate with essential hardware modules. Powering on or restarting the printer may solve the problem and works with the USB connection. Let’s see the step-by-step process of solving the printer error.

  1. Power off the canon printer and open the head of the printer in the cartridge. Remove the cover and close it properly.
  2. After closing, switch on the printer and wait for the pass halfway in the printer to its left side.
  3. Then before reaching cartridges, close the head cover properly and leave the printer the switch on.
  4. Now check the B200 error got solved after this process. If it is not solved, follow the steps mentioned above again. Now don’t give print and try the scan and copy function.
  5. If it is unclear, the problem tries the following process without delay.

Solution 2

Cold Restart 

The static current of the printer is not letting it detect the significant presence of essential hardware components. This may create the canon Pixma MP250 error code B200. To solve this, follow these steps.

  1. Switch off the printer and unplug the power cable from the power cord.
  2. Wait 5 to 10 minutes to get the current in stable condition and plug the power cable.
  3. Then you have to start the printer and check whether the problem got solved.
  4. If the problems are not solved, try the next step, long press the power on button continuously for 30 to 40 seconds.
  5. When you press the button, the printer plug has to plug in the printer. Then only it will get react.
  6. Then release the button, some printers will reset automatically through this step, and some will get automatically solved. Now check whether the problem gets solved or not.

Solution 3

Reinstall drivers

The error may happen because of the B200 error issue. The canon printer may get problems in communication incompatibility between the printer and the system, Canon Pixma MP250 error code B200. 

  1. Initially, download the printer drivers from the canon website or windows file.
  2. Afterward, click on windows and select apps and features from the windows start menu.
  3. Now expand the canon printer options from the menu and click uninstall.
  4. The message will display to ask whether confirm uninstall the canon software, click confirm it.
  5. After uninstallation processes, restart the system, right-click on the windows and open settings, and head to the Bluetooth and device tab.   
  6. In the control panel, open printers and scanners and select the problematic printer. Now, near the top right, click remove and confirm to remove the canon printer.
  7.  Remove the drivers from the system and uninstall the device from the system.
  8. Reinstall the drivers from the canon software from the downloaded software.

Solution 4

Hardware problem

  1. Check the hardware in the printers and the computer that connected these two devices.
  2. If any components get damaged or broken, replace them immediately without any thoughts. Otherwise, it could damage other components in the device.
  3. Before replacing, check the component is more related to the printer machine.
  4. Now check if canon Pixma MP250 error code B200 gets solved or not.

These solutions solve the printer B200 error problem in the canon Pixma. By these methods, all the problems will get solved; otherwise, you have to change the printer. Choosing the best drivers and software .

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