Whatsapp Screen Recording:  Say Yes To Employee Benefits

Whatsapp Screen Recording:  Say Yes To Employee Benefits

One of our employees is almost near to her due date but she wanted to spend more time with her newborn so she kept on coming to the store. It’s a huge store with all sorts of shoes and clothes and the brand has a huge customer following. Even some of our customers are regular and they consult their favourite employees whenever they come to store for buying. It was a busy day at the store when we listened to a customer shouting her lungs out at one of our employees. It was the same lady who was due. The woman came to exchange a jacket as she complained it was not the right fit. Our employee politely refused as the jacket seemed used. She started shouting at the employee and started calling for the manager to complain about the unprofessional behaviour of the employees. When she asked for the manager I was prepared as I had done the homework so I politely asked about the problem. She told me again the whole thing. My response was simple and she left that store within the next 5 minutes without making any noise. 

Our company use an employee monitoring app to keep an eye on the employee’s work-related activities. The major reason is to check their productivity but that day we all found out that it is not just that. It can be used to save the employees from cruel and wild customers. TheOneSpy spy app that is used for checking employees offers the WhatsApp screen recording feature. The jacket promotion included posting and tagging of the bought item on social media platforms and Instant messenger chat apps. The lady not only participated in that promotion but she was passionate enough to enter so many times that we have to change the policies regarding the limitation of entries per customer. So, in short, we had proof of the lady wearing the jacket wandering in the roads and the restaurant and still, she tried to make it about one of our employees who made the mistake and gave her faulted piece. I simply told her about that proof and she knew right away so she left. 

  • The use of WhatsApp in business is a pretty common thing these days. More than 5 million businesses use these platforms for promoting their business. 
  • The interesting features and reliable service of the platform make it one of the preferred tools for a variety of businesses. 
  • With its partnership with the Facebook and the connection of two major platforms, the popularity of WhatsApp is on rising in the business community. 
  • The lady deleted the content sent to our official WhatsApp id and account while thinking it will leave no proof of her participation. 
  • Here the TheOneSpy WhatsApp screen recording feature helped us as the app even saves the deleted content as well. We had file recordings saved on the online web portal that had the proof. 
  • Even other platforms were used in the promotion and there was chat history saved by the WhatsApp screen recording feature. She tried to push one of her employees and insisted that she was not professional with her and we should fire her right away. If you are a person who knows a thing or two about stores and malls shopping and sales jobs you will know about such weirdos customers.
  • The WhatsApp screen recording feature offers many other interesting features as well that can be used to assure the safety of your employees. For example, the call recording features save every call that happens between the customer and employee. You can track any employee being unprofessional with the customer or any toxic customer trying to misuse the situation. 
  • Features like WhatsApp screen recording can help you offer a toxic-free working space to our employees.
  • Access to the group and private chat can guide you with the promotional strategies and how good or bad any planning work in the marketing field. 

All types of status even the disappeared ones are also saved by the TheOneSpy WhatsApp screen recording features. Thus instead of using the old meeting methods simply check the progress of an employee or the success of any product by monitoring how good it is doing through the digital monitoring features

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