The Best Zeon Zoysia Maintenance Tips for Dog Owners

The Best Zeon Zoysia Maintenance Tips for Dog Owners

You might face different issues when you own a pet, especially a dog. The most disturbing one is when it disturbs the beauty of the lawn. The Zeon Zoysia sod grass is the most prominent thing on the property that a dog’s behavior can destroy.

How Dogs Cause Harm to the Zeon Zoysia?

It has to be understood that the dog’s behavior and body functions can cause harm to the lawn and especially the sod grass. Although sod grass is manufactured to enhance qualities; still, without proper care, it can be damaged.

1.       When dogs are left outside, they cause serious damage to the lawn. They pee, poop, and dig up the property because they might not have anything to do. This will overall damage the lawn and grass.

2.       The pee contains traces of nitrogen that can damage the sod grass because you might have applied fertilizer. This increased amount can cause the grass to turn from green to brown.

3.       The dog’s excrement is full of bacteria that will develop fungus on the grass. Forgetting to pick up the poop will decrease the rate of growth.

4.       Dogs will start digging up the lawn because they might not have any other activity. The grass will be removed from the roots and often becomes difficult to reinstall.

5.       Dogs love to run around, so they race across the lawn when they are outside. This can be dangerous for the Centipede grass Sod when it is still established.

The Best Centipede Sod Maintenance Tips

Knowing that you can’t keep the dog bound for a long time is important. They will run, pee, poop, and start digging as soon as they get out. On certain occasions, they will lick different things on the lawn. So, it is vital to follow some tips to keep the sod grass and the dog safe.

Select the Suitable Sod Grass

When selecting suitable grass for your lawn, it is important to check which one has the best resistance to damage and can recover quickly. The three main grass types that are the most suitable include Tall Fescue, Zeon Zoysia Grass, and Bermuda Turf Grass.

Use Water for Clearing Pee

Cleaning out the pee from the grass by watering the area is important. The nitrogen in the pee will absorb into the soil, thus, causing less damage to the grass.

Clear The Excrement Without Delay

If you want to cause less damage to the sod grass, you should pick up the poop without delay. Sod grass experts like Atlanta Sod Farms recommend checking the lawn every two to three hours. 

Let the Dog Use All Areas of the Lawn

It will be a good idea to allow the dog to roam around the lawn and not restrict it to a specific area. This will help with equal distribution of damage done to the yard.

Better Utilization of the Damaged Areas

Often, an area of the lawn is damaged to the extent that it is difficult to revive. You can utilize that area by making it a play area for the dog. This is a great way to save your lawn from damage.

Allow Grass to Grow Taller

Keeping the grass taller is a trick to make the roots tougher. It has been recommended to leave the grass at least one to two inches taller than usual.

Look out for Yellow Spots

The yellow spots on the sod grass are an indication of damage by the poop or pee of the dog. This is an early sign that the grass will wither away and turn brown.

Prevent the Development of Fleas

Fleas can be a dangerous thing for your dog and lawn. The fleas dont directly eat or damage the grass but will attract other insects. 

Use Less Chemical Sprays

It has been recommended to use weed killers, fungicides, and pesticides less because they can be dangerous for the dog. If spraying fungicides, pesticides, and weed killers on the Zeon Zoysia is necessary, keep the dogs away for a couple of days.

Dog owners should know these important tips about sod grass maintenance.

Here are three questions that will help you maintain sod grass around dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sod when you have dogs?

The choice of the best sod grass for dogs depends on two factors. The first factor is how much foot traffic a grass can tolerate. The second factor to note is what is the rate of damage recovery. Zeon Zoysia is one of a few types of grass that can be the best for homes with dogs.

Will dogs destroy sod?

Many times, a dog’s behavior is unpredictable and might cause damage. When outside, dogs can poop and pee on the sod grass. They run around and dig holes, causing the sod to loosen up from the roots.

How do you keep grass alive with dogs?

A few things can be done to keep the sod grass alive while having a dog in the house. These include washing away the pee, collecting the poop as soon as possible, allowing the dog to run on the whole lawn, and designating a specific area for the dog to play, pee, poop, and dig.

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