The Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

The Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Are you tired of watching your plant wither and die? Maybe it’s time to get an indoor grow light. Angel Halo from QUX has been the leading force behind indoor light production in recent years, and it’s doubtful they’ll be slowing down soon. Below, we’ll review Angel Halo’s three LED ring lights alongside similar grow lights in the current market.

Angel Halo Three Rings Full Spectrum Grow Light

The Three Rings LED Grow Light Dc5v USB Phytolamp puts Angel Halo at the forefront of maximizing grow light intensities. At the center of it all, the three LED rings are hooked up on a 120 cm power cable integrated with a switch. A 25 cm acrylic bar is also provided to support the LED rings, while a 5-centimeter cork-base radius for pot anchorage completes the setup. Angel HaloThree Rings Grow Light Dc5v USB Phytolamp is designed using Aluminum Alloy & PP, which emanates its compactness, strength, and lightweight structure.

Hailing a sophisticated design, this full spectrum grow Light emits a yellow sunshine glow that mimics the sun. On the other hand, its pinkish glow is efficaciously supportive for plants in their blooming stage. On user-friendliness, Angel Halo designed the Three Ring Grow Light to be compatible with smart systems as it runs on a USB plug. Each ring has 30 pieces of light-emitting diodes. As such, every ring is capable of φ20cm in circle lighting range.

The entire setup only needs 6 watts to run and input of 1-2a. Its working temperature is tested to be at -15℃-40℃. Throughout the entire 50,000 hours of estimated life, the Angel Halo Three Ring Grow Light cuts the need for getting three different lights for insectivorous, seedling, and succulent plants. It’s a double advantage for increased lighting intensity and compatibility for three plant families. Besides this grow light, QUX provides other types of growth lights that help your plants thrive. You’ll be sure to find out the ideal one there.

Feit Electric A19/GROW/LEDG2/BX Full Spectrum Led 60W

The Feit Electric Grow Light is perfect for those who want to guarantee stronger plants. It’s only 9 watts but emits 680 lumens, and it has blue lighting for 448nm and 680nmm for red Light. Hailing humidity functionality, it’s perfect for hydroponic plants.

Feit designed their full spectrum light to replace traditional horticultural lighting, making it an excellent option for greenhouses, horticulture, and indoor gardens. The grow light emits wavelengths and colors of light that activate the plants’ photosynthetic stimulus, providing light emission comparable to that of a 60-watt incandescent while emitting less heat and consuming less energy.

Additionally, these bulbs emit significantly less heat than incandescents, so you never have to worry about scorched leaves. In sum, they reduce their impact on the cost of maintaining a healthy temperature necessary for keeping your plants alive.

The Feit A19-shaped bulb is a great alternative to standard incandescent bulbs, so immediately save on costs by switching to this cheaper option! LEDs use substantially less power than equivalent incandescent lamps and last up to 25 000 hours or more – up to 90% longer. LEDs require much less maintenance over the bulb’s lifetime than comparable incandescent bulbs.

Wrapping up

When people get the best grow lights, their crops grow up to 60% faster. Even though the temperature can be controlled by the grow lights, there are still things to consider, like the temperature of the surrounding air. With the right grow lights, growth time is cut in half, and the quality and yield of the crops are higher than before. Even amidst tough competition, Angel Halo Three Ring Full Spectrum Grow Light is still living up to this expectation!

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