Reviewing Clever Subscriber Design Work | Web Page

Reviewing Clever Subscriber Design Work | Web Page

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s me, will paterson. Back again with another reddit critique. In this video sponsored by squarespace. I’m going to be going through reddit, looking at the most top upvoted designs that you personally have voted upon. I’m going to critique them, review them and just show you guys what’s on the reddit.

3600 Gold Coins

We’re going to try and give all of them away today. Okay, so the first one with 76 upvotes. This is my first entry in this. The name is a rappit. It makes recyclable wrapping paper with self adhesive, which makes your wrapping job speedy. Hope you like it. Took some inspiration from the web, got you. That’s fine. Okay. So this is the logo. First of all, really ppc services in uk love the logo type and the colors really nice, bright, vibrant not too vibrant or saturated in the red. Really do you like it.

Logotype Type Itself

I don’t know what it is about it, but you’ve got like these hard bottoms. So you’ve got the rounded tops and just the squared of bottoms of the logotype. This makes it really nice and unique. It’s very legible work. Super well, the icon itself. I don’t know why, but the rabbit looks evil. I’m not going to lie. You see this eyes, it’s got like this shield in that. It looks a bit like it’s either sad, or it’s about to hit someone with the wrapping paper.

Although I do love the way that you’ve used negative space for the wrapping paper. I would be interesting to see this how it would look monochromatic. Obviously, you’ve gone for a gray here. So it’s more illustrative. Really nice design, though, make sure that when you showing these designs you show more context about this. Here is another version. Don’t use this one. This one looks like a rabbit is being ran over. Unfortunately, we don’t want rabbits being run over.

Dark Arrow Playing Cards Company Logo

For my subs weekend challenge I designed a playing cards company logo. I created the icon to be coherent with typeface for smaller scale usage. Only an arrow could be used. I understand where you’re going with this. You’re using assets me being a hand lettering artist I feel very confident in my advice, you don’t need these. These are called like the design asset, ornaments, objects. They are like flourishes. In hand lettering we use this to create frames.

I’d also draw a box around this. It wouldn’t sort of land neatly into a box. That’s the only issue i’ve got here. Although I do understand where you’re going with it. The arrow itself really cool. I really like this. It kind of looks like an a, which works well for the darker arrow. I’d literally just keep this as the logo and go back to the drawing board with the ornate stuff over here.

Adding More Assets In A Better Way

If you’re going to be ornate, you have to go full on ornate by adding more assets in a better way. The background 3d element here does not look as good. I would get rid of that. Add some more assets in there. Think about grading the space that you’re trying to design in. If it’s for a playing card company, make sure it could fit nicely on the deck of playing cards.

Got A Nice Image

I love the back here. So this is really nice. I love the whole thing on the back. This line art. I can tell you, i’m a massive fan of playing cards as well as the designs. The problem that we have here is that there’s a lot of space there that could be used for design assets. And obviously you’ve used very minimal approached, but you’ve not used a minimal asset for it.

It kind of looks a bit strange. I’d like to see a more ornate version of this. More of these lines all the way through the packaging. I can’t fault you on the icon, though. Very good icon. This next one was 65 upvotes is agrrokane, aggrokeen, I don’t know. Logo design for an aggro medicare website. First of all, really, really nice typeface. The colors again, smack-bang I really like that.

Logotype And The Logo Icon Work Together

I love the way that you showing the plants in the background that looks really clean. The logotype and the logo icon work together with the composition. That you’ve got, although it’s kind of a large name. You’ve made it look really fun and friendly, but also trustworthy as well. I like that. All I can say is that it looks nice. I don’t know how well it will work. You’ve only given one image. So there’s no like mock-ups of the packaging or anything like that.

As if I was coming at you like I normally doing in these videos. As a client, or someone who’s wanting to purchase a logo design of you. I would be looking at whether this actually works well on the packaging as well. You have to kind of show that. It’s not just enough to have a logotype in there. You have to show the whole packaging.

I Think The Icon Itself Is Unique Enough

I like the color scheme as well. You’ve done a really good job here. In fact, i’m going to give you an award, because you deserve it. Well done. If you’re a designer like myself, whether you’re freelance, work in an agency, it doesn’t matter if you create design work or need a presence online. Squarespace is the place to do it. Never before has having your own website not being a headache.

Squarespace, i’ve been using them for years. It’s about six years from my own personal website, where I post on my portfolio, have a contact form, I also have an online shop to sell digital resources. You can do all of that in squarespace super easily, without even needing to know a line, even a smidgen of code. You don’t have to be a web design wizards to create something great.

Visual Things Inside Of Photoshop And Illustrator

As designers we can like just to do the visual things inside of photoshop and illustrator. We don’t know the code. We can sort of mock-up or website in any other program. But when it comes to coding, we don’t know. So squarespace takes that out of the equation for you, and allows you to easily edit thousands of pre-made custom template on squarespace so it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether you’re a designer or a photographer, a creative and illustrator, videographer.

Whatever you do, get a website. It’s the only way to really brand your own little corner of the internet. So click the link down below. If you’d like a 10% discount from your first purchase over at squarespace. And a little hack, you can actually design the website for completely free before you even pay for it. So, go ahead, design it, check it out. If you like it, go ahead.

Creative Advertising Designs

The next one with 59 upvotes is creative advertising designs, designed by me. Please give your thoughts. Okay, so something a bit different. I like it. Just so you know, the subreddit isn’t just for logo design. Although we do a lot of logo designs on there, it’s for any design that you do. So get it on there. We live to deliver. I like that. Deliverance from the lord. These are good. I like them. Bel like forrest, run forrest run. I like that one. I really do like that one. That’s clever.

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I like the way that the typography sort of is hidden behind shoe. Gives it a sense depth. This one’s hilarious. And I mean, I understand there’s this huge like thing with designers talk about free design, not working for free. And I understand that. And I agreed with it to a point. But I do think we have to be careful because otherwise, charities who are really good but could do with a free piece of work from you, or some of your time won’t get that.

 Always Get Fully Charged

This is like the most unique reddit post we’ve ever had. This is interesting. Great concept, love the playful use of real recognizable art to deliver. Shall we say, the message of a well-known delivery companies advert. Great idea. Great execution. I’d love to see various takes on this with other art forms as a theme. I think you struck gold here.

The more I look at them all I think you really know that every one of them dude, you’ve done a great job. Well done. This is like, I’m going to give you a upvote and a big award also. I don’t know, like I’ve not seen anything that creative before you’ve struck gold there. I’d definitely post this on Instagram. These are going to get some serious reposts from websites and blogs like digital synopsis and all that. With 51 upvotes.

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