The importance of Social Networks for your company

The importance of Social Networks for your company

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Every day we see how social networks have transformed the way of doing business. Since its appearance, social networks have transformed the vision we had not only of the world, people and cultures, but also of the business market and the way of doing business. Hence its importance.

Today we know more about the products that interest us through campaigns on social networks (tennis, food, technology, music, etc…), which has led these platforms to continually renew themselves, so that the user achieves a more comfortable experience. complete about a particular brand.

In this sense, social networks are a platform that allows us to inform and interact with customers in a more direct way, in addition to competing equally with our competitors in the market, regardless of size, economy and business importance.

The importance of Business Social Networks for Professionals

To achieve all of the above, it is important to have professionals who can handle different situations, such as answering queries, resolving claims and even dealing with a crisis situation, in addition to processing all the information collected on business social networks to turn it into a new and better marketing strategy.

On the other hand, if we know how to take advantage of each of the tools that the networks offer us for companies and we use them correctly, we will not only obtain a massive communication channel, but also a space in which we can investigate the market, to to be able to offer services and products in an adequate way.

The basic thing is not to forget that these networks are made to relate to people, so you have to express yourself with courtesy, kindness and patience, with the aim of recovering humanity in business relationships and creating emotional bonds to find fidelity, appreciation and relevance.
Advantages offered by business social networks:

Corporate image (Branding)

Branding or corporate image is a fundamental part to give confidence to the client or potential clients, make them know you and remember you to generate bonds and stable relationships.

Higher positioning (SEO)

Business Social Networks can bring traffic to your site, which leads to better search engine rankings (Google, Bing, etc.). Frequent publication and consistency are key to giving visibility to your business.

Online Reputation

Increasing the generation of positive comments, testimonials and improving your internet presence are important elements to obtain a notable online reputation and with it better business opportunities.

Customer Service

With the opportunity to start a conversation with your potential or current customers, you will gain their loyalty, you will make them think twice about wanting to buy from your competition. Remember that: Satisfied customer is worth two.

Sales Opportunities

With all of the above, Business Social Networks become powerful communication channels to increase your sales, as long as they are managed professionally.

If a strategic Social Media Plan is carried out with the aim of getting traffic to your website or increasing your database and having conversions, you will achieve the established results.

Tips and methods that increase security

Establish internal security policies. When a worker is hired, it is important that he is aware of the responsibilities and rights that he obtains when entering the company. In addition, a containment plan against cyber attacks must be created detailing the resources available for it. Update data protection software to the latest version available.

Check every certain space of time if the current security measures are working in the latest version in addition to performing weekly scans with the help of an antivirus. Passwords and network access controls. Each employee must identify himself in order to access the system. These authentication methods can vary, for example passwords will be changed every three months with some type of specific question. Another way is to create personal accounts for each employee.

Backup copies or “backup”. Ensure that backup copies of the most important files of our company are made on a regular basis, such as the database or our financial data.

We can increase the security of our networks if, in addition to following this methodology, we install different applications that contribute to the cause and that will undoubtedly make the task much easier. Here are some types of data security programs:

Types of software aimed at data protection

Anti-virus with firewall. Previously we have talked about running our antivirus to carry out regular checkups and thus detect possible viruses that have infiltrated our computer. However, there are other applications such as a “firewall” that prevents foreign agents from accessing our computer through the Internet.

The firewall must be installed on any device where you work with company data, because if our employee works from home we must offer that service.

Smartphone apps. Anyone is able to work from their mobile phone sending emails or searching the Internet. We must prevent any type of connection between cybercriminals and our data, which is why there are applications that protect a mobile phone when it is connected to a public network.

Data encryption. It is possible to resort to programs that encrypt all the data that is sent through the network to avoid any cyber attack and that the information reaches its destination without being affected. Protect Wi-Fi access.

Having Wi-Fi is a big gap that external agents can easily take advantage of to sneak into our servers and for this, there is software dedicated to protecting said access by changing the password from time to time or changing the IP.

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