How TikTok is Changing the Music Industry- Factors

How TikTok is Changing the Music Industry- Factors

The viral marketing platform TikTik is changing how musicians market themselves and sign record deals. Vox and The Pudding dug into the data to learn how TikTik works and compared it to actual experiences to discover how it affects music artists’ careers. The companies also tracked artists after they went viral to see how they were impacted. Their findings are astounding, and it’s worth paying attention to how TikTik will change how artists interact with fans.

Gen Z

Social networks like Instagram and TikTok are becoming the premier ways to discover new music. These platforms have played a significant role in exposing the younger generations to new music. The emergence of these platforms will have a profound impact on the music industry. By incorporating these features, the music industry is positioned to reap the benefits. Here are some tips for succeeding in this industry.

The visual platform TikTok offers allows Gen Z to engage with new content. According to a survey by 2020 GlobalWebIndex, the number one reason Gen Z uses TikTok is to watch videos. Artists like The Crawlers have succeeded by promoting their music as viral videos, parodying themselves, and attempting virality. The videos were popular and gained massive attention for the band’s new album. TikTok allows Gen Z to connect with the person behind the music rather than the music itself.


Millennials are changing the music industry in a variety of ways. While one-third of millennials say they’re “gendered by nature,” others believe that gender is no longer relevant. Another survey found six out of ten millennials feel that gender and race labels divide people. While millennials are the largest generation in history, their preferences are not reflected in music genres. Genres have traditionally been tied to geography, scenes, or other factors. This change in attitude is expected to catalyze the most dramatic changes in the music industry.

Millennials are changing the music industry by focusing less on full-length LP records. Instead, they’re opting for more frequent single releases and EPs. Streaming services have replaced traditional music libraries, enabling listeners to sample music from multiple genres without purchasing the entire album. Millennials are also spending less energy on a single artist. Millennials are demanding that the business world put people before profits.

Independent artists

A new platform called TikTok is changing the way music is sold. Its three billion monthly users are more than three times larger than Spotify. While it’s essentially still a viral video platform, TikTok is expanding beyond its core function. One hotly-tipped UK artist, PinkPantheress, is signed to Warner Music / Parlophone but has over six million Likes on Bytedance. She actively self-A&R on TikTok.

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Although many TikTok creators aren’t musicians, they use music to create a short video. Because of this, TikTok could become a healthy revenue stream for these artists. Not only will TikTok help break new artists and songs and increase their exposure to other platforms and live streaming events. In short, TikTok is assisting independent artists in growing their music industry exposure. However, it’s not all roses.

Major labels

TikTok has changed the face of the music industry. With billions of users, it’s become one of the most influential players in the industry. Among its many innovations, TikTok is helping artists break into mainstream success. Its success has even prompted some artists to release original music without the help of major labels. The best example of this is the success of Nigerian popstar CKay. His hit song “Old Town Road” became the best-selling US single ever after going viral on TikTok. As a result, significant labels realized they had to jump on board and embrace TikTok.

To keep up with TikTok’s growth, major labels must adapt to this new environment. Significant brands are losing streamers to independent artists on streaming services like Spotify. With the advent of TikTok as a music platform, these labels are shifting to a new model centered on artist autonomy and self-reliance. In response, TikTok has launched a song distribution platform and even published job openings for A&R managers.

Viral hits

The TikTok app has become a sensation, not just the music that’s gone viral. Various artists have used the app to make wildly popular videos. A recent documentary found that music labels have lost a significant market share on Spotify since 2017. The documentary also shows that many of the most popular songs on TikTok were signed to big labels before they became viral hits.

Some of the more popular videos on the app are remastered throwbacks and new hits. In February, Encanto’s ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ became an instant hit, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The song also became the go-to tune for kids, inspiring a trend. But what were the most famous musicians on the TikTok app? There were several reasons why certain songs became popular.

Social media

The rise of social media is shaping the music industry’s operations. Traditionally, labels have controlled the types of music consumers would listen to. Now, fans can follow their favorite artists from their accounts on various social media platforms. For example, Instagram and Facebook have introduced music stickers that let fans express themselves through their favorite artists. As a result, a new generation of fans is becoming more connected with their favorite artists and the music they love.

The rise of social media has made it possible for independent artists to bypass major labels and gain an audience with a wide range of audiences. YouTube has become one of the most popular forms of media in the 21st century. High-profile music labels have even launched their channels on YouTube to publish music videos from their artists. Most of today’s artists post their music videos on these platforms before releasing them on other media, such as iTunes.


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