Factors To Consider in Selecting the Best Fibre Company

Factors To Consider in Selecting the Best Fibre Company

The need of the hour is having the best fibre connection. There are many Fibre Network Owners (FNO’s) in the market, but what sets Vuma apart is that we connect our customers beyond the ordinary. Changing life as you know it through technology. Gone are the days when people used to rely on traditional copper cable connections.

We have become mavericks in implementation of the fibre optic internet connection, disrupting the industry in order to create a world that thrives on connected lives, connected communities and connected societies in a safe, secure, and reliable approach. Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right service provider.


The availability of the connection in your area is vital. It is another significant factor that both the homeowner and businesses must take into consideration. Vuma has coverage in all major metropolitan cities in South Africa, covering over 30 000km, that’s nearly 1.5 million homes and counting. It is essential to select a fibre company that offers its services near to your office or home, for you to maintain a strong reliable connection.


When you’re looking for the best home fibre deals, you can’t ignore speed. The Vuma Fibre network gives you download and upload speeds that would suit your internet needs. This is ideal for streaming in HD on all devices at home. We can’t deny that speed is a deciding factor when getting a good fibre deal.

Speed is even more important when it comes to running your business. If the connection is not as fast as you need it to be, you will experience lags and delays as you perform any online activities like downloading or uploading files, watching videos, sending attachment heavy emails etc. It will eventually lead to lower productivity. So, if you’re looking to connect your business to fibre, ask yourself, is it Vuma fibre?


Whether you’re working from home, gaming online, hosting a movie night or even running your business, nothing is more embarrassing than being disconnected at random hours of the day. It damages your reputation as an individual and as a business. The reason we use a fibre optic cable is that there is less interference that comes with it. Your signal maintains its strength over a much greater distance at a high frequency rate. This means faster connections speeds without the worry of getting disconnected.

Data Cap

Many internet service providers implement monthly data caps or limits on internet usage. The main reason behind this data cap is to make sure that not a single customer ends up using the bandwidth which is more than the fair share. Though, this limit varies from one internet service provider to another. We have uncapped fibre lines. So, when you’re deciding on taking on a fibre connection, make sure to check with your service provider about any limitations to avoid issues in the future.

Customer Service

When it comes to choosing the right internet service provider, it is highly recommended that the user must choose a reputed service provider. A top-notch internet service provider extends their help to the customers 24*7. Customer service is the backbone of any connection. It is therefore essential to choose a service provider that offers prompt, effective, and professional service.

Since Vuma is an FNO, we have different ISPs with various packages that will suit your needs. These ISPs will help in solving internet problems instantly, ensuring that you keep a smooth functioning operation in the office or at home. That’s why our plans are customised to meet everyone’s needs. So, you can get a plan that best works for you, your home and your business.

Life as we know it changing, but the need to stay connected will always be a constant. All that your home or business needs to keep up with this change, is that extra Vuma. Get a fibre deal today.

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